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Contact Info
Address: 4910 Edna Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Hours: 11am - 6pm (Daily)
Phone: (805) 782-0500
Wine Details
Price Point: $$
Tasting Fee: $10
Sustainable: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Food: Yes
Picnic Area: Yes
Family Friendly: Yes
Group Friendly: Yes
Appointment Only: Unknown
Tours: Yes
Weddings: Unknown

Tolosa’s vineyard, Edna Ranch, consists of six distinct sections, with 60 soil types and myriad microclimates encapsulating a remarkable spectrum of terroirs. Remnants of volcanic eruptions, fueled by clashing continental plates, share the landscape with calcium-rich sediments from tiny shells deposited on an ancient ocean floor and estuary. Degraded granite meets tufa precipitated in a vanished sea. Heavy clay fills the valley floor while sandstone and clay loam cover the hillsides. Limestone - the Holy Grail for Pinot Noir – blankets the slopes of a knoll.

Combining these challenging, calcium-rich soil conditions and ancient seabed with the valley’s warm days and cool nights, you possess the ingredients for timeless and profound wines of diverse and distinctive character.


A sense of place arises from its history, from the ancient events forming its fundamental geological features to the people who have carved a living from it. The human history of Edna Valley is rich and varied, from the Chumash to current time. The Franciscans of Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa were the first to plant wine grapes in San Luis Obispo County; original documents show the quality of the wine was highly valued and often traded to other missions. The latter decades of the 1800's were another important time in Edna Valley. Pierre Hyppolite Dallidet revived wine grape growing in the region, grafting French cuttings onto rootstock still surviving from the mission era and becoming the Central Coast's first commercial vintner. During that time, Edna Valley also became a thriving dairy region, with men such as John H. Hollister, farmer, dairyman, and public servant, leading the way. George and Edgar Steele purchased 45,000 acres in Edna Valley and, specializing in cheese, attracted many Italian-Swiss dairy farmers, such as the Moretti, Stornetta, Poletti, and Monighetti families, to the area. Tolosa pays tribute to the hard-working people from this flourishing time who owned and farmed the parcels where our grapes now grow.